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I'm pleased to finally announce that my latest short film (or 'feature' if in USA), GIRL & IT, to screen at this year's 10th Dubai International Film Festival as World Premiere. My recent short film, CHILDREN (2011), was at DIFF two years ago as World Premiere and also won Special Jury Prize. You can now check out the World Premiere trailer for my upcoming animated film, Girl & It, here…

You can also visit to check out other information. Enjoy!

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

I know some of you are wondering where have I been, and where are my latest photography deviantions, but to say it again: I'm away from all this because I'm now working as an animator. In 2011, I showcased two of my short films, which are MAD CAMEL and CHILDREN. On December 2011, CHILDREN won Special Jury Prize at 8th Dubai International Film Festival 2011. Today, I'm pleased to share this short film to you all.


Please lemme know your reviews after watching! I will need your honest opinions and suggestions to improve my future projects.

Thanks and enjoy!

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

So I finally changed my username from fikreesprojects to mohdfikree!
Well, that's all I wanted to say...

Take care!

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree
Hey guys,

Yeah, I know... It's been a very, VERY long time... But like I said before, been busy with college and film festivals. The good news is that I'll finish college in just three more month! After that, I'll come back to deviantArt and photography! Right now, I'm doing animation and graphic design, since these two are my main professions. It has been two years since I left deviantArt for college. I've been getting a lot of notes asking where am I. I know some of you are waiting for my new photographs. My camera is now very dusty, and so are my lenses. Once I finish college, I'll make sure to send my camera and lenses for cleaning service.

Anyway, so today's my 23rd birthday. I usually spend my birthday alone. That's fine, used to it. I just wanna say is that I really miss you all, and miss being active in deviantArt. I remember the good old days we all had... :heart:

Love you, all!

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree
Hi everybody,

So yeah, I was in jail, that's why I was missing. When I mean jail, I meant I home-jailed myself, keeping myself busy with college, and films. I haven't done any serious photography for almost 8 months now.

My recent animated film CHILDREN won special jury in last year's 8th Dubai International Film Festival. I am currently working on my first feature film, THE SWORD OF ATLARTOR. This could also be UAE's first animated feature film. The teaser trailer will be available soon.

I just want to write this journal because I miss this place, and I miss all of my friends here. I have missed a lot of deviations from artists I am following. I feed bad, but I have my excuse why I was and still missing.

I miss you all. :heart:

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree
Hey guys, how are you all?
So, it's finally here! You can finally watch my short animated film MAD CAMEL, which won 2nd prize in Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2011 for one of the best short films in Student Narratives!


Here's the link to watch the animated film:…

Enjoy! :heart:
Hello my friends,

I am currently very busy with college, working on films, and handling some family issues... It's very tiring! I don't even have time to take new photographs, edit them, and submit here. Also, I don't know why, but I am not really editing the way how I did back in the good old days. I really miss DeviantART, I really do, but I really can't for now.

I will come back, but soon, I will try to submit some photos I recently took in Malaysia. Also, soon, I will collab with light-from-Emirates, not sure what photo we'll use, but it'll be awesome. She's getting much better than before!

For people who wants to know what film(s) I am busy with, please visit and subscribe to my site to get the latest updates!

Anyway, I just wanna say I really miss you all, and I promise I will try my best to submit some deviations when I have the time. Also, since winter's coming, I will try to take some beautiful landscape in the desert, just like how I always use to do years ago.

Take care all, and I miss you! :rose:

Mohammad Ahmed Fikree
UPDATE (29/08/2011) - CHILDREN final art poster

    poster Photobucket about this film 'CHILDREN' is a short animated film written, animated and music composed by Mohammad Ahmed Fikree, who has recently screened his last animated film 'MAD CAMEL' at Cannes Short Film Corner, and 4th Edition of Gulf Film Festival. synopsis Once upon a time, In a peaceful forest, a mysterious, wandering beast awakes from its long slumber. Legends and myths speak of its white glowing appearance. It is said that one of its hands can transform into any creature to lure anything its finds into its trap. One day, a mother and her children are on their journey to the enchanted, beautiful forest. Little did they know, the beast resides within the forest. stills Photobucket trailer (full trailer) *NEW* (teaser trailer) start - end of production March 2011 (start) - August 2011 (end) release date To be announced. (only film festivals)

REVIEW (04/18/2011): It was full, it was dark, I cant see their faces while they were watching my short animated film MAD CAMEL. While it’s rolling, from start to finish, they laugh, they applueded, made me and my friend (who voice as Bu Omar) were nervous, but they loved it, they really loved it! We were amazing there! Thank you, audience, you made my eyes teary, and yes, with your awesome feedback, there will be a new Omar episode!.





    While on their desert trip, Omar, his father and his uncle, Hamed, are being attacked by an infected mad camel. Now there’s no help in the middle of the desert, so it’s up to them to survive the horror!


    Written, Animated & Music by
    Mohammad Ahmed Fikree

    Voice Cast
    Mohammad Ahmed Fikree as Omar
    Abdulla S. Al Suwaidi as Bu Omar
    Abdulla "Abz" Ali Al Mamari as Hamed (Special Guest)

Stay tune for more updates!
And also, visit (and subscribe) my official site:


Journal Entry: Sun Feb 13, 2011, 1:19 AM
Alhamdu Illah! We did it! We rocked the stage yesterday in BOLDtalks at DUCTAC! It wasnt live yesterday event, but was recorded, and will update you when they publish them online! ;D

BE BOLD (deviantART)

Girl and It (CONFIRMED!!!)

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 6, 2011, 1:35 PM
Check out the latest stills and a teaser trailer of my upcoming musical animated short, "Girl & It"!


Click to watch the teaser trailer:… (Girl & It - Teaser Trailer)

Check out the intro preview:…

Check out some new stills above!

Watch a 2 minutes preview!…

Watch me being interviewed at Dubai International Film Festival!…

Check out some new stills above!

***update (07/01/2011)***
It has been confirmed that an exclusive 7 minutes preview of "Girl & It" to be screened at the Shelter Dubai on the 20th January starting on 7:30pm!

    A hunter is set for his final training to travel alone to a very long journey to hunt the beast to prove himself to his father, The King, that he is one of his people. While the hunter is on his journey, he discovers a beautiful girl, who lives in the wild with the beast, and she plays the most beautiful songs. The hunter then falls in love with the girl and her songs.

By the way, you can view it's official poster below:
Girl and It - GFF Poster by mohdfikree

Hopefully this will done before the deadline of the submission for the 4th Edition Gulf Film Festival. I think the length of this animation will be around 10 minutes, or less. Stay tune for more updates!

sorry... ):

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 10, 2010, 8:00 AM
    . . . sorry that i didnt submit any new deviations. ive been so busy studying and working, but insha allah i will submit some new deviations this satuarday! anyway, take care, and i miss you, all! . . .

watch Paranormal Activity 2 ONLY at midnight!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 27, 2010, 9:07 PM
    . . . watch it or you'll consider you're a scardy cat! and dont bring any sensitive girl(s) with you... they'll scream... -.- . . .

Wacom Cintiq 12WX SOLD!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 26, 2010, 1:39 AM
    . . . SOLD. Photobucket . . .

I need your opinions on these ones!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 16, 2010, 9:10 PM
    . . . Photobucket Photobucket i need your opinions about what do you think of their design. this one is going to be in a 7 (or 10) minutes episode about omar's time at school while bu omar's time at office, but then got fired, and trying to find another job. anyway, please let me know what do you think of the design. it's not final, i will change some minor (and major) parts of the designs. . . .

please pray for this man...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 8, 2010, 1:20 PM
    . . . today me and my friends coming back from festival city after watching cinema. while i was driving in al bedia, we saw a car had an accident on the middle of the round-about near american universal school. we pulled over and got out and ran towards the car, while it was on fire. when we were there, i thought it was the last moment in my life and to die in the fire to save the man's life who's stuck in the car. it was jammed, it was locked, it was on fire, and when the fire flamed big, i had no choice but to pull my friends away from the car, and we heard oil leaking. it was so close for cause the car to explode, and we called the police and ambulance asap. the stupid thing is that the police in the operator was calm, and not taking the situation so seriously, and doesnt know where was the location, it was in al bedia, near american universal school, near round-about! we were so in shocked and panic, until the fire went out, because someone came with the fire extinguisher. the man is alive, but with bad injuries. the police then questioned us and we told them everything we've witnessed. we could have died that moment... please pray for this man... he was driving a porsche car, an abu dhabi plate number. if anyone know him, please let us know, so we can pray for him. thanks, and drive well! . . .

Eid Mubarak!! :D

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 9, 2010, 1:50 PM
    . . . Eid Mubarak to you, all! I hope this time it will be an awesome Eid, unlike for the past 3 years! Anyway, enjoy! :D :heart: . . .

new cartoon next week!! :D

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 6, 2010, 5:27 AM
    . . . i maybe busy with other projects, like commercials i've been working for almost a month, but by next week (insha allah), you will finally going to watch a new episode of OMAR!, which is going to be "Mad Camel", but it will be online for 2 (or 3) weeks. i cant keep it online, for i wont be able to submit it to the film festival. if i dont have any plan to submit this episode for the 4th Edition Gulf Film Festival, i will let you know that this episode will not be removed within a week after the release of this episode live online. here are the final stills from the movie! enjoy! Photobucket our special guest for this episode is almurr al marri, who is going to be the voice of Hamad, Bu Omar's brother. his dA page is (almurr-almarri) Photobucket . . .

me to animate the next sha3biat al cartoon

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 3, 2010, 3:16 AM
    . . . NOTE: i have a very huge chance to animate the next "sha3biat al cartoon", or a completely new projet! about almost a week ago, i was at the qanawat office (i always visit there, though), finally, showing off my animation sample of one of the characters from haider mohd's "sha3biat al cartoon", which was Shombaih. you can watch the animation here:… (watch it in HD). they were surprised about it, and it was fully done me, an emirati, which they always need local animator(s). because i always visit them for almost a year, they've already known me a lot. i was told that i have a huge chance that they will select me and place me as "digital 2D animator", which i am happy about it! i am officially on their top list now dont get to excited; for i dont know if i am going to animate the next season or later seasons of "sha3biat al cartoon" or i am going to work on a completely new project with them. so pray for me, you guy! :heart: . . .

Ramadan Kareem !!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 10, 2010, 11:23 AM
    . . . Ramadan Kareem for all of you! :heart: :rose: . . .